The son of an actress, a dancer has sister who lives in Amsterdam and goes to see just may.

Fear for CR7 injured during Portugal-Serbia. TURKEY-Moldavia 4-0 – It ends 4-0 to the hosts at the New Eskisehir Ataturk Stadium. Also in National protagonist Hakan Calhanoglu: attacking midfielder of Milan opens the dance serving with an incredible bicycle kick the ball to the middle Hasan Ali Kaldirim bagging.

Two minutes and come doubling with Tosun, who scored twice in the 3-0 scored at 53 ‘. It is the goal Ayhan, 70 ‘, to close games 4-0. andorra-0-3 Albania – Albania is changing and wins. In the first challenge after the exemption of c.t. Christian Panucci 11 coached by Ervin Bulku took the lead 21 ‘on Sadiku goal that bags right from outside the area. Three minutes before the ninetieth comes the double Balaj with a header from outside the area.

Abrashi 96 ‘definitively closes at 3-0 before the final whistle-Montenegro 1-5 England – England, after Friday’s 5-0 with the Czech Republic is still party in Podgorica. The game had seemed uphill when the 17 ‘Vesovic right of center of the box had the lead Montenegro. But England’s comeback was a formality: the first is the draw with Keane to head 30 ‘while Barkley, who had served the first ball goal, doubles to 38′.

It will be one of the real stars of the evening, so as to also sign the 3-1 to 59 ‘, while Harry Kane signed the 4-1. Not enough: 80 ‘Sterling is left of center of the box to find the net in the 5-1. Luxembourg-Ukraine 1-2 – Vince thanks to an own goal the Ukrainian national Andriy Shevchenko who had resisted to Portugal in the first round of the qualifiers.

You Turpel to center at 34 ‘brings the advantage of finding landlords who now find themselves in the first round. Ukrainians are the draw at 40 ‘Tsygankov, from the right side, find the equalizer. The 2-1 for Ukrainians snaps to 93 ‘with an own goal the midfielder Gerson Luxembourg Leal Rodrigues Gouveia. kosovo-bulgaria 1-1 – In Pristina, the Kosovo part evil: conceded the disadvantage with Bulgaria at 39 ‘for Bozhilov hand, head, it goes into the network by finding the center of the box corner in the lower right. The surge in the second half with Zeneli who finds the right from outside the equalizer.

France-Iceland 4-0 – At the Stade de France Les Bleus do not waste time and are already at 12 ‘advantage on Iceland thanks to a cross-kick Mbappe of the angle that the front door located Umtiti whose header goes online . You Olivier Giroud 67 ‘to double: the Icelandic goalkeeper comes out and the Chelsea striker turns the Pavard cross in a blaze of red white and blue flags. Not enough: Mbappe signing the 3-0 at 77 ‘on Griezmann assists.

And Griezmann close games few minutes later with a ride that is worth the 4-0. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV Gasport

March 29, 2019 – Milan Church. Getty Misadventure driving for Fiorentina striker Federico Church. The National striker has indeed been involved in the afternoon in a car accident in Florence.

According to preliminary information, the player would remain unscathed. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV the incident – Church was driving a Mini Cooper that he hit a two-wheeler. The means have been joined and then bumped. Following the clash, scooter riders finished on the ground.

The latter was rescued and hospitalized in Careggi, where he was hospitalized. According to latest information, the man would have suffered only a few bruises. The collision was slight. Gasport

March 23, 2019 – Milan Chiellini: „Kean was leaving Juve, then I spoke to him …“ The Lady, ruthless and rational, not lost in chatter. Not only it is reflected in the beauty of today. Domina now, but is already thinking about how to put on makeup tomorrow: why some of the best young men in pink, who stood out between Spring and Under 23, have already peeped with the big boys.

By Pablo Moreno to Mavididi, from beans Nicolussi, the future has already begun. NICHOLAS ‘BEANS – How good beans. How dissociates good beans. How he can give the ball first beans.

If he, Nicholas Beans, received many passionate praises of Massimiliano Allegri, means that there are no doubts in this matter: This 18 year old, has a special talent, he will blossom into good times. After Max’s praise, his first call came for the Olympic match against Lazio, but is its multitasking to amaze.

He, vice champion of Europe U17, is divided into three profitably: trains often with the first team (and had already bewitched the coach in the American tour), putting wood on the fire with the Spring, but also gives a permanent battle the Under 23. also in the field is generous: embroidering, sewing, contrasts between midfield and attack in two words, modern playmaker PABLO MORENO – When in Villar Perosa each Juventus tried to capture the first moments of Christian, he stood at the Juve also a Spanish boy with tousled-haired. He maxi-ear headphones and arrogant air, the 16 year old Pablo Moreno just arrived from Catalonia: Claudio Chiellini, brother of George and Juve manager, a stern look was enough to make him understand how to behave in the Signora.

Moreno, wild talent, immediately went to attention and a bit ‘at a time he convinced everyone to be almost predestined, to the point of being summoned for Genoa-Juve own instead of Ronaldo. The legend speaks of more than 200 goals scored in the youth ranks at Barcelona, ​​where he entered at the age of 10 years. Six years of Masia, then landing in Turin: twenty-six appearances, four goals against the Primavera Baldini so far. No one wonders if, but only when Pablo will make even juggle big.

STEPHAN mavididi – Who can speak English Stephy Mavididi? Simple, with a Portuguese who lived in Manchester. The British star of the Under 23, already convened by Allegri, often argues with Ronaldo.

About what? Of England, London. And while he observes the movements of all the times in which he has the good fortune to train with the alien to Continassa.

Besides him, 20 year-old paid a milioncino to snatch Arsenal, has already had at home noble masters at the time of the Gunners was coached by Titi Henry and there were those who even compared to the French. After initial difficulties in battles without exclusions of C faults, it has found its own size: 30 appearances and 6 goals. In the city, by the way, he found an old friend to use his language: Ola Aina, ripped from Toro to Chelsea, is a close friend since the age of nine.

THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV HANS NICOLUSSI ANKLE – In the most beautiful evening of Moise Kean, one of the two goals scored at Udinese, Massimiliano Allegri wanted to grant the showcase debut at the Stadium to another class 2000 talent also he combines a man’s head mature. The son of an actress, a dancer has sister who lives in Amsterdam and goes to see just may. Juve fan since childhood, is a very complete midfielder gets good marks when it goes on the field and when questioned at school.

In the space of a week has gone on a permanent basis by the Under Spring 23, then in Serie A debut with the first team. Gasport

March 28, 2019 – Bergamo Ilicic field with Papu Gomez. Lapresse Where were we? Ah yes, the magic with Chievo: Freuler in for Zapata, on the edge of the shore and touch below to jump over the goalkeeper. Geometries by Dea.

And patience for the foot to foot with Sorrentino, the maximum that grimace of pain ruined exultation eventually withheld. Certainly not the action and beauty of technical movements. This is the last photograph dell’Ilicic Inter, then planes to Haifa and Ljubljana to challenge Israel and North Macedonia in two qualifying matches for Euro 2020.

A double 1-1, as in Bergamo before the last in the standings March 17. Results that do not meet him, and his Atalanta Slovenia. On the cover, where there is often his face, in recent days has been that of Sporar (tip of the Slovan Bratislava), the protagonist in the first output with a goal and an assist in the second. For Josip 180 ‘in the 4-3-3 c.t.

Kek, an admonition against Pandev and companions and no signature page. Sunday at Parma will have the chance to share with the colors that feels to him like never before: „I and the club we are meant for each other.“ VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV JOSIP IDOL – concepts expressed by the withdrawal of the National. And if it is not a declaration of love, not far off: „Gasperini wanted me, I was his goal.

By accepting, I made the right decision. “ And again: „I have never felt so good.

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